Knoke's Chocolates!

One of our favorite places has a new home!

Every Sunday afternoon, after our stop at either Barker's or San Pedro Cafe, you will find Dave and I at Knoke's Chocolates in Hudson, WI.  We pick up a week's worth of truffles and each night we each have one piece of delicious chocolate!  We're very sad when we miss a Sunday for some reason and have to go without chocolates.

The old shop was a cute little candy store where you could watch the candy being made while you wandered around looking at all the great sweet treats available.

The new space is beautiful!  It's bigger, brighter and there's even more great chocolates, candy and ice cream available.  And you can still watch the chocolate maker at work!

The new space is as cute on the outside as it is on the inside!

There are even more jars of great sweet treats!  Be careful if you bring the kids into the store, you may not get them out again!  I know Dave and I can wander around for a long time when we know exactly what it is we want before we walk in the door.

Remember candy cigarettes?  I didn't think you could get those any more!

How about licorice pipes?

And candy dots?  I know at ate a lot of those as a kid!

These aren't big enough for you?  How about Giant Dots?  I know from experience these make great shark eyes!

And how exactly do you eat one of these giant jaw breakers?  With a hammer maybe?

Ok, so maybe you're not in the mood to walk down candy memory lane or you're looking for a little more "adult" candy?  They have that too! 

We love the truffles, the cayenne is our favorite but we always bring home a variety.  Their caramels are delicious and the mint smoothies, oh my!  Oh and the toffee, yummy!  And they have ice cream too!  Dave's favorite is the Zanzibar.  They have double the flavors in the new store!

Do you need a great gift?  How about one of these amazing gift baskets?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Knoke's is ready!

And for those of you who have to watch your sugar, Knoke's has a great variety of sugar free chocolates that you'll have a hard time telling are sugar free!

We love Knoke's and are thrilled that they are now in a bigger space.  We brought them a little store-warming gift, chocolate cake of course!  I hope it measures up to their yummy chocolates!

So if you're in the mood for some great chocolates, ice cream, or any kind of candy, stop by Knoke's in Hudson, WI.  Can't get to Hudson?  Guess what, they ship!  You can order online.   I guarantee you'll be happy with anything you order.

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