Just what I needed!

Buddy Valastro, a.k.a. The Cake Boss was in town last week.  I had tickets and was looking forward to going but circumstances beyond my control made that not possible.

I knew the daughter of a coworker would probably love to go.  She's  become quite an accomplished cake decorator herself!  They went and enjoyed it and as a thank you for the tickets, they bought me Baking with the Cake Boss.

What were they thinking buying me a new cookbook and giving it to me on the Friday before Thanksgiving.  The Friday before the Thanksgiving where I'm doing the cooking and have a ton of prep to do?  The Friday before a week when I have orders for two custom cakes?  Don't they know they are cutting into precious Christmas cookie baking time?  Don't they know me well enough to know that I would crack into that book immediately?

I was getting tired of Christmas cookies anyway!

I couldn't keep out of the book at work on Friday and called Dave to have him pick me up some new tips that would be needed for the first cake I was going to do out of the book, a turkey!

I love the book!  It has step-by-step pictures of each of the, what I call, putzy cakes so they're pretty easy to recreate in my kitchen.

Buddy uses a bundt pan for his turkey cake but my bundt is more traditional than the one in the picture (mine has more sloped sides, the bundt in the picture had straighter sides.  Looking at how the cake was supposed to be shaped in the end, I figured using a bowl would work just fine!  And it did.

The cake required lots of colors and of course I didn't have nearly enough of the right numbered tip, but I think my turkey turned out pretty darn good despite that!

Wait 'till you see what I'm going to do for Christmas!

Thank you, thank you Monteen, Taryn and Rylee!!

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