Hidden Flag Cake

Earlier today I posted an entry for the Cheeseburger cake.  If you're looking for that one, just scroll down a bit!

I made this cake for the 4th of July and am just now getting it up here.  I thought it was a pretty cool idea and it turned out perfectly!

You start with three layers of cake, one red, one white and one blue.  I used two full cake batters and just made cupcakes with the leftovers!

The red and white layers are sliced longways so you have four layers of red and white.

Stack one layer of red, one layer of white and the blue layer. 

Place a bowl on top and cut a circle out of the three layers.  Stacking them makes sure that the hole is in the same place in each layer.

Discard the outer ring of cake for the red and white layers and discard the middle of the blue layer so you have a ring of blue and two small circles, one red, one white.

I put one full layer of white on the cake board and topped it with frosting, then topped it with one full red layer.  Again, topping that with frosting.

Next I laid the blue ring on the cake and put the small white circle in the middle of the ring.  I topped that with frosting then added the final small red circle of cake.

I then frosted and decorated the cake.  The recipe I found online called for a cream cheese frosting but I had used a slightly almond flavored white cake recipe so I topped it the vanilla buttercream.  This is my favorite cake flavor combination!

Then the unveiling!  Cut a slice of cake and what do you have?  A hidden flag!  How cool is that?!

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