Cheeseburger Cake!

Got another issue of Foodnetwork Magazine.  When I first ordered it to help out one of the neighborhood boys fundraisers, I wasn't sure I'd keep it up.  Well, it has great recipes and tips including one for this great Cheeseburger Cake!

You may remember my Spaghetti and Meatballs cake from the same magazine.  This one was just about as easy and it turned out pretty darn cutetoo!

It's huge!  Two full cake mixes plus a lot of extra ingredients to make the cake.  One layer is baked in a bowl, the other two in 8" rounds.

While the cakes are cooling I made the "lettuce" and the "cheese".  For the lettuce you need 8 mint leaf gummy candies.  Roll them flat, slice in strips and set aside.

For the cheese I used orange fondant.  As many of you know, I "don't do" fondant. Well, that might change!  I don't remember what brand of fondant I tried in the past but it was dry and very hard to work with.  Duff Goldman now has a full line of cake decorating supplies, including fondant so I bought that (mostly because it was already colored orange so I wouldn't have to tint the fondant myself).  It was much easier to work with than what I remembered!

The top and bottom "buns" are trimmed flat and the trimmings are crumbled to be used later for the hamburger.

The recipe calls for tub frosting.  Yuck.  So I made vanilla and chocolate buttercream.  To make the "bun color" you mix a little chocolate and a little food color in the vanilla frosting.  It really does look pretty authentic!

I frosted the "bottom bun" and added the "lettuce".

Next, I frosted the "hamburger" with chocolate buttercream then covered in the cake crumbles.

Then the hamburger is placed on the bun and topped with cheese.

Finally the top bun is frosted and added to the burger.  Rice Krispie treats finish it off as sesame seeds!

Pretty cute!

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