Product Reviews Continued... Spot Stuff

A few weeks ago I was finishing off some yummy homemade pasta in a brown butter sauce and dribbled a little butter on one of my favorite pairs of shorts.  I didn't notice until after dinner and was too lazy to run a load of laundry right away.  I did put some pre-wash on them but didn't wash them until the next day.  Stain was still there.  I washed them again.  Stain was still there.  Insert sad face here.

Then I received an email from The Grommet advertising "Spot Stuff" which is supposed to take out any oil based stain, even if it has been washed and dried.  What the heck, it couldn't make the stain any worse, right?

This is what the stain looked like after two washes.  Pretty obvious!

I bought a package of 9 little pouches of Spot Stuff.

The directions say to sprinkle "a little" over the stain.  The picture below is about half of the pouch.

Then you rub it in and let it sit for 5 minutes or so.  When I started rubbing it in it was obvious I'd used too much, but it couldn't hurt, right?

When I tried to just brush it off (the directions say washing is not typically necessary, you should be able to just brush the powder off), again obvious I put too much on.  Mine were going to have to be washed again.

So I washed them.  Here is the result.  What's funny is, to the naked eye the stain looks completely gone but in the picture you can still see it faintly there.  I'm going to try the process again, maybe leave it on a little longer next time, but overall I'm thrilled because I can wear my shorts in public again!  (They didn't fade!  Pictures were taken at a different time of day... lighter in the room for the picture below.)

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