The coolest rolling pin ever!

I'll admit it.  I'm a Pinterest addict.  And sometimes I find something really cool there.  This was one of those times.

I pinned this rolling pin thinking it was pretty neat but really had no intention of buying one.  Then a coworker, who loves to bake, retired.  Ah ha!  I could get her one and if it really worked, well then I'd get myself one.


The rolling pins come all the way from Warsaw Poland.  Zuzia Kozerska, the seller was great!  She answered my questions quickly and made my first rolling pin the day I ordered it  because she knew I had a short timeline (my coworker was retiring in two weeks).

The first rolling pin arrived in exactly two weeks, in perfect shape and it included a sample cookie!  I decided right there I wasn't going to wait to order one for me.

Two weeks later I had my rolling pin.  Even though I had a bunch of stuff I had to get done that evening I had to make cookies!  I started with a shortbread cookie mostly because that dough comes together really quickly and doesn't require chilling before use.

It took a couple of tries but I figured out you do have to apply some pressure to get a good emboss.  If you don't, the emboss will cook right out.  Zuzia suggested I make sure my oven is good and hot before baking the cookies too.

How cool are these?!  I love it!  There are now going to be some very special treats in my Christmas cookie boxes!

I've since ordered a third which will be a gift for a very special baker I know.  I can't let you know too much about it because he hasn't been given it yet and there is a minuscule chance he might read this.  I will say that I wanted it to be something very special.  Zuzia not only helped me pick out a great saying to put on the rolling pin, she even translated it into Polish for me!  I will try to remember to update this post after he gets his gift.  Hopefully that will be on June 7th!  (I may just have tipped my hand...)

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