Dark Chocolate, Sour Cherry and Marcona Almond Cookies

Yes, I've been on Pinterest again!  These sounded so good, dark chocolate and dried sour cherries?  Hello!  And what the heck are Marcona Almonds anyway?  I'd never heard of them.  Heather Cristo, the blog on which I found the recipe, raved about them.  So I bought some Marcona almonds.

Oh boy, these are good!  I had to put the container in the cupboard while I mixed up the cookies or I would have emptied it.  These almonds are a little rounder than a regular almond and they are white.

They have a bit softer texture than a regular almond and, in my opinion, a much different flavor.  They are almost like a cashew!  Hence me not being able to put them down.  I should never bake before dinner!

The cookies are easy, cream butter and sugar, add the dry ingredients then the cherris, nuts and chocolate chips.  I used my favorite Ghirardelli!

The recipe said it made 2 dozen.  I used a 2-tablespoon scoop and got 30 cookies out of the batch.  I didn't chill the dough (lazy) so they did spread quite a bit.

Were they worth the cost of the almonds?  I'm going to say yes, the dark chocolate and cherry were the amazing flavors for me but the almonds added a nice texture.  They cookies will be going to work with either Dave or I tommorrow.  They can't stay in the house!

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