Bacon in every bite!

Applegate Farms posted a link to a Huffington Post article that had a link to a "recipe" for a solution to the age-old problem of not having bacon in every bite of your BLT!  It was a long way to get there but the answer is a bacon weave!

Yes, I had to try it.  Here's a link to the actual recipe, I won't make you go through Facebook and the Huffington Post to get there!

The recipe calls for soaking the bacon in whiskey for 10 minutes.  I skipped that step.  Whiskey?  Ewww!  I did however top mine with brown sugar!


Bake - no it's not burned!  It's the caramelization of the brown sugar and that caramely goodness on top of crispy bacon, well, it's pretty darn good!

To make the BLT take a perfectly toasted bun, slather on a little mayo, top with lettuce (fresh from Farmer's market), tomatoes (fresh from Farmer's Market) 

and my bacon weave made with bacon I also got at Farmer's Market.  I like Farmer's Market, can you tell?  

In this house no BLT is complete without some spicy Wholly Guacamole!  

It's a piece of art, a very delicious piece of art!  And yes, there was bacon in every bite. AND... the bacon didn't crumble all over and out of the sandwich either!  If you're going to have a BLT, this is the way to make the B! 

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