Cup Cones for Carter's Birthday!

I've been wanting to try making "cup cones" for a while now.  I just never had a good reason to make them.  Well, lucky for me my friend Amy's son requested a cake and cupcakes for his birthday.  I asked Amy if it would be OK if I made cup cones instead of cupcakes and lucky for me she said sure!

So how do you bake a cupcake in an ice cream cone?  Turns out it's pretty easy!  I found these directions in my Baking Sheet publication from King Arthur Flour.

You start with a cupcake pan.

Cover the pan with aluminum foil and slice some holes in it.

Place the ice cream cones in each of the holes.  This holds the cones in place while the cupcakes bake.

Next fill the cones with batter.  The instructions said to use 2 ounces of batter but I think they must have had bigger cones than I did so I used slightly less than that.

Don't they look great right out of the oven?

Carter wanted blue with white sprinkles so that's what he'll get.

Now... how do I transport them?!  I'm thinking I'll head out and find a disposable cupcake pan, cover it and transport them that way!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Glad you had fun with the recipe! It's always nice to hear from a reader. ;-) How did you end up transporting them? That was the tricky part...


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