Oldie but Goodie - Baked Lemon Chicken

Ok, I know my resolution was new recipes but this one is just so good I had to share it.  I've been making it for years and have served it to guests, no one guesses it's actually good for you!

The recipe is Baked Lemon Chicken.  It came included with the software I use to manage my recipes, MasterCook and even better, it's a Betty Crocker recipe!

Here's a LINK to the recipe.  It's so easy, no kidding.

The chicken breasts are cut in half, crosswise and then placed in a mixture of egg white and water for 10 minutes.  I'm not sure why this step is important.  It's sort of like velveting chicken but there is no cornstarch or oil so I'm not sure if that's it or not!  If you know fill me in!

While that's soaking, mix flour, baking soda and cayenne pepper in a bowl or plastic bag.  The recipe calls for a 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne.  We like a little more heat so we add more.  If you don't want any heat (it really is very subtle) you could leave it out or add another flavor like garlic powder.

The chicken is dredged in the flour mixture and placed on a baking sheet.  I love using my stones for this recipe.  Here's the trick, the chicken is then sprayed with cooking spray!  Just enough to dampen the flour.

Throw it in the oven for 20 minutes and out pops beautifully browned, crunchy chicken with no oil!

While the chicken is baking you make the lemon sauce.  Also very easy.  Mix chicken broth, sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice (one good sized lemon will be plenty), rice vinegar, corn syrup, garlic and salt and bring it to a boil.  I know, more than 5 ingredients but pretty simple ones! 

Don't want to mess with an actual lemon?  Use bottled lemon juice and leave the peel out (I'm sure it will still be fine... I just always have lemons in the house because I prefer fresh lemon juice).  Once it's boiling you add a mixture of water and cornstarch to thicken it.  If you've never thickened with cornstarch be sure to dissolve the cornstarch in the water before you mix it with the lemon sauce.  If you don't you'll be really disappointed!

Slice the chicken and serve with the lemon sauce!  I serve it over brown rice with some water chestnuts and steamed broccoli.

It's a great healthy recipe.  Why buy frozen chicken nuggets full of additives and preservatives (and lord knows what else?)  Cut the chicken in nuggets and bake it a little less time and you'll have really good nuggets or strips.

Try it.  I think you'll like it!

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